Why Peaks Dental?    You will be working on real patients starting week one!  We offer the most hands-on dental education that you can find in Utah Valley.  We will teach you valuable clinical skills to help you dramatically succeed in the dental office.  Instead of just knowing teeth numbers, you will actually have done ALL the treatments that are listed on our impressive curriculum.

What’s the scheduling like?  Flexible.  We want to work with you to accommodate your busy schedule.  The main class hours will take place on Saturdays from 8:00-3:00.  We have other class hours that you get to sign up for based on your flexibility.  This will provide you the clinic hours that you demand at your pace.

Do I get to decide which location to attend, or am I assigned to one?  You pick the location that works best for you based on where you live, where you work, or where your kid’s babysitter lives.

What will we wear?  We provide everyone with scrubs at the beginning on the course.  One less thing to worry about.

Do you help with job placement?  Of course! We couldn’t call ourselves a professional program if we didn’t do this for you.  We have a strong network of dentists with offices located from Salt Lake to Santaquin. These offices range from general dentistry to oral surgery.

Will I really be working on real patients?  Absolutely.  There is no way you can get an adequate education from working on plastic dummies or merely talking about treatments and procedures.  Often times, externship hours will include you going to an office to work.  In other schools, those externship hours end up being a lot of sterilizing and mundane office work.  This is not the case with us.  You will be at the chair working when you come to our school.

How can this school affect my application to Dental School?  In so many ways.  Signing up for our course is a smart way to make your application stand out.  Dental schools love to see as much involvement in “anything dentistry” that you can manage.  Your education at Peaks DAS will help you with many aspects of the DAT as well as getting you into the dental office for shadowing hours.  We will even write you a letter of recommendation.  One stop shop.  Best of all, you could get a job after completing the course to help you pay the application fees and save. Think of us as a DAT prep course that gives you a job afterwards.  Not a bad deal.

How involved in the community is the school and its students?  One of our campuses is located only one block south of BYU. We strive to continually reach out to those in need to promote good oral health.  Our staff and alumni have a record of actively donating their time with everything from local events, such as “Amara Gives Back”, to humanitarian trips of underprivileged countries. Though it won’t be required, our students will be encouraged and given opportunities to help contribute to community improvement and service.

What are admissions prices like? At Peaks Dental Assisting School, we believe in helping people attain a promising future in the Dental Industry. For this reason, we strive to keep our pricing competitive and reasonable for our students. Please contact us for pricing plans that can work with your schedule and budget.

Do you offer scholarships? Yes. Please contact us and we would be happy to tell you the details.

What is the Dental Assistant Certification process like?  The American Dental Association regulates certification. Peaks DAS maintains a steady relationship with the ADA to make sure your education provides you with the education and hours that are required. As the ADA continues to update us with information, we will keep our students informed.

Is my certification valid outside of Utah?  Each state has its own requirements. If there is a certain state that you are looking to work in, please contact us and let us help you find the details for that state’s specific requirements.

Will there be homework?  Yes.  Your time at the school will be best spent learning alongside the doctors in REAL settings.  We want to maximize clinical exposure and minimize lecture time. The homework will also be valuable and will be more easily completed using your iPad and eBook at your convenience.

Is there a cafeteria? No, but our Provo office is only one block south of the Wilkinson Center, BYU’s food court and cafeteria, and across the street from the famous J-dawgs!  Our Saratoga office is near several food establishments. We also aren’t shy to provide you with an occasional meal during some of our busier, longer days.

Will we learn how to assist with cosmetic dentistry?  Yes, this is one of the many technical sides of dentistry that you will learn.  Orthodontics, implants, and extractions are also included in our curriculum.  We hope you will enjoy the variety.

Will we learn how to assist Orthodontists?  Yes.  We are also in the process of extending our educational offering with a specialty course with more focus on Orthodontist. If this is something you’d be interested in, please let us know.

Will our certification be valid for employment in an orthodontists office?  You bet!  If this is the direction you are looking to go with your education, we will help place you in promising, successful orthodontic offices.

What are student’s transportation options?  There are conveniently-located UTA bus stops located just outside each of our locations.  Feel free to check UTA’s website or contact us for specifics.

What are student’s parking options?  There is parking right in front of the offices that you will be working out of.  It’s like front row seats to your favorite sports event.

Can a Peaks DAS student also be attending classes at another college or university?  Of course!  Please do. We encourage education.  We have tailored our class hours around your needs to accommodate you the best we could.

Do your clinics accomodate students with disabilities?  We hope to help as many people as possible achieve their dreams, and we are willing to make accommodations as best we can. Please let us know your individual needs so we help you prepare a plan for success.

How many students do you expect to attend, in each clinic, at a time?  We aim for 10.  This allows maximum students the chance to learn while not jeopardizing the standard of education.  We place high expectations on you, but perhaps even higher expectaions on us.  We strive to give you the best education that we possibly can.  This way you will feel confident when you start your new job.

Can I count my experience at Peaks Dental as an internship?  This depends on the other school you are attending.  Please contact them. We’d be happy to work with you the best we can within the requirements set by your school.

As a student, what other supplies will I need to bring/provide?  Normal paper/pen or even laptop classroom supplies during lecture as you would with any other class.

Where do I sign up?  Simply click here and fill out our brief contact form, or you can call our Operations Manager, Jeff Davies, at 801- 616-7466 if you have additional questions or need help.  He’d be happy to talk to you.  Like us on facebook and follow us on twitter.  You can also send us an email at peaksdental@gmail.com.


 Contact Peaks DAS for more info or enrollment.
 Learn about the Peaks DAS Curriculum.
 Learn about Peaks DAS Doctors and Staff.
 Learn about Peaks DAS Locations.

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